The Perks of Being An Enterpreneur’s Daughter

The school examination is on Monday until Saturday next week. But, my parents have always said to me with complete understanding, “Your ideas always come up when you are going to have examination.” I can’t bear it to not write down the ideas that are jumping around inside my head. My fingers are forcing themselves to dance on my laptop’s keyboard. And, here it is. Instead of reviewing three years lessons, I spent my weekend to play with words.

As parents, I can say that my Umi and Abi have done a great job! How can I say that? Well, because… I often share stories with my friends. We tell each other about our family. I hear many types of parents who are my friend’s. And at the end, they say; “You’re so lucky. When I am grown up, I want to be a parent just like yours. I don’t want to take care of my future children like my mom and dad did. Definitely no.”

I am grown up in a very small family. There are just my parents and I. Yes, I am the only child in my family. We live in a not-so-big but comfortable house in Malang, East Java. My parents are enterpreneurs. They build their own company since they are married, from zero. They make a special kind of cookies named Cumcum Salsa. It is a cone-like cookies filled with sweet cream and a colourful chocolate chip on the top of it. They make several other pastry too.

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