defeating our(arrogant)selves

I feel like the most archaic form of evil feelings human has is arrogance. Its existence can be traced back to the time when humans hadn’t even set their foot on the earth yet. It’s a feeling so primal and so old but also so familiar because we still breathe it in and out, in and out.

Arrogance is not our neighbor nor our acquaintance. It’s inside us. It resides there on the deepest pit of your, and my, heart. To be fair, even though I said ‘deepest’, most of the time it’s not important. As long as we still live with a constantly overflowing arrogance, not even burying the feeling underground could prevent that rotten thing from spilling out to the outside world.

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Let’s talk about our feelings

Yes, let’s talk about our feelings, shall we?

Human mind and emotion is very interesting. And I just found out that people can invest almost all of their happiness to a single thing or person.

Honestly … It is such a new concept for me. All this long, I feel like I have tons of reasons to be happy, as much as I have tons of other reasons that make me sad. For me, human emotion is affected by countless variables in life, so the idea of our life being crushed down just because of one particular reason baffles me.

For example, I might be sad if I score badly in tests, heck I might even cry myself to sleep because of it. But even then, I’ll smile again after some time, maybe after a talk with my parents, maybe after joking around with my friends, or simply after browsing cute kitten videos on the internet (you should definitely try this!).

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