Being the Very Best Version of Senior

Assalamu’alaikum 🙂

It’s been a while after my last post, and I was really surprised knowing the reader’s response about my blog. Some of you are really asking me ‘when is the next post?’ ‘i’m waiting for the next post!’ and much more. Really, it means a lot to me and it supports me even more to work on my next post 😀 Jazakumullah khoiron katsiiron!

And I decided to write this post in English. Why did I do so? Well, I think that is because I missed so many English classes lately, and I kind of miss the atmosphere there. I miss having a conversation in English, I miss writing in English, I miss all of if. So here you are!

This post is about school. Well the fact is now that I’m on holiday, I am doing this kind of ‘flashback’ about this school year! This school year is officially end everybody! Wuhuuuuuu!

Yea, this school year has ended, but another school year is coming! And after that, another one is coming, another follows after another. Then we will reach a point when we have to earn money of our own; working. Life goes really fast, right? As the year goes by, I climb the education ladder, and become more ‘senior’ each year. Last year I was a seventh grader, this year I am in eighth grade, and soon I will be a ninth grader. From the most junior to the most senior. Youngest to oldest. This is what I am going to talk about. A relationship between junior and senior.

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