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Hi there! I am so glad that you visited this simple blog of mine because of any reason πŸ™‚ Hehe. In this page, I will introduce myself.

My name is Salsabiilaa Roihanah. Yap, that’s my full name; with a rather difficult spelling because of the double i and double a on my first name πŸ˜€ (See the picture of me above? Uh uh, my name wasn’t spelled corretly… hehe). But you can call me Salsa. I am a fifteen year old girl living in Malang, East Java, Indonesia. I was born in Kediri, 18th January 2000. I am a secondary school student of SMA Semesta, a bilingual boarding school located in Semarang, Central Java. I am feeling so blessed every single day, because I am always surrounded by beautiful, loving, and supportive people. My parents, Budi Setia Darma and Ummi Massa Suryaningtyas, are both an entrepreneur. I don’t have any brothers or sisters; I am the only daughter in my family. I never feel lonely though, because of the fact that my parents make cookies at home, so they always have a lot of time for me πŸ™‚ Lucky me, yeah πŸ˜‰

I spent my childhood in Kediri, before moving to Malang when I was three years old. I went to a kindergarten named TK Al-Husna and an elementary school named SD Ummu Aiman Lawang. I can say that I was an active student back then. I joined many clubs and after school activities, so in those six years during elementary school, I tasted a bit of Angklung Club, Pencak Silat, Gardening, Scout, English Club, Marching Band and even Traditional Dance! I competed in several events of Pildacil. It is a competition where the participant delivers a speech that motivates the audience to do good things as Islam has told us to. It really built my confidence, so that I could speak in public easily and smoothly. It is a kind of skill that now I realize is very important for the future.

Scout : team work, life skill, sportivity!

Reading and writing are always on the top of my favorite things to do list. I wrote my first novel when I was eight years old! It is a simple novel, written by hand on a 50 pages notebook, and tells a story about an adventure of three best friends in a boarding school. I kept writing and writing, some of them are not finished, but some of them are. These stories were sent by my parent to Mizan Publishing House. All praise to Allah, my own book was published in Kecil-Kecil Punya Karya Series by Mizan Publishing House at age nine. I was so thankful beyond words.

First novel ( DAR! Mizan, 2009 )

First novel ( DAR! Mizan, 2009 )

Second novel ( DAR! Mizan, 2010 )

Second novel ( DAR! Mizan, 2010 )

Third novel ( DAR! Mizan, 2011 )

Third novel ( DAR! Mizan, 2011 )









I made two other books, and those two were published in the following years. For more information about my book, you can take a look at my page here. Surprisingly, being a writer is not only about sitting in front of a computer and typing a story. As a writer, I got an invitation to go on roadshows. I went to some elementary schools Β in my town and other towns nearby and even a different Island! Again, these activities really opened my eyes about the importance of confidence, creativity and achievement. If you are able to reach an achievement, people will listen to your ideas and opinion. You can inspire them, give them spirit and lead them to dream big. But those can only become a reality if you have a will to work hard and make your dream come true. So …

Dream. Work. Inspire.

Another important part of my life is science. Science fascinates me. Studying science; whether it is Physics, Biology, Chemistry, or Mathematics is always a joy for me. Scores at school is not my main motivation. I am just curious. That curiousity leads me to reveal the beauty of this universe.

I joined Olimpiade Sains Nasional 2011 for elementary students. I competed in Science field. Alhamdulillah, I went home with a silver medal. And this small step opened a path to a life with lots of experiences I had never imagined before.

Yap, I went to SMP Semesta Semarang and became a student there for three years with full scholarship. I competed again in Olimpiade Sains Nasional, but of course for middle school students. I chose Biology as my Olympiad subject. In Olimpiade Sains Nasional 2014, I got Gold. I started to write the stories of my Olympiad journey in this blog. You can see them here. I was surprised by the amount of positive feedbacks I received. I coud reach out to people thousands of kilometers away from me. It motivated me to write more.

Because of that Gold medal, I got a chance to join a training center whichΒ select students who willΒ represent Indonesia in International Olympiad. Finally, twelve people were selected to compete in International Junior Science Olympiad 2014. Alhamdulillah, one of those people was me. Guess where were we going? Argentina! A far away land across Pacific Ocean in a completely different continent and culture from the country I live. I brought a Bronze medal back to Indonesia. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I would never forget. Of course, I wrote a serial of stories about it here.

In 2015, as a try out, I joined Olimpiade Sains Nasional, BUT for high schoolers! I kept my expectation low, because I was really aware of the difficulties of high school Olympiad and tough competitors. All praise to Allah, clearly higher than my expectation, I got Bronze. The story behind that medal was a life lesson that really changed me to be a better person. See them here.

I was graduated in 2015 with a predicate as The Best Student with Excellence in Attitude and Academic. Those achievements were nothing compared to real life lessons and best friends I got from that school. It was amazing.

Acknowledged by the Head of Al-Fatih Foundation as The Best Student of SMP Semesta Class of 2015

Acknowledged by the Head of Al-Fatih Foundation as The Best Student of SMP Semesta Class of 2015

I continued my education in the same school, just different level. SMA Semesta is a place for me to study for the next three years, still with full scholarship. Talking about my Olympiad career, it is far from ending. All of OSN 2015 medalists got a chance to enter Pelatnas, a series of selection for National Team that will represent Indonesia in International Olympiad. Pelatnas stage 1 was the farthest I could get for now. I have lost my chance to go to International Biology Olympiad 2016, but the stories I brought home from that eventΒ were worth it.

A summary of my achievement is written here.

From all of those experiences in olympiad competition, I draw a conclusion: medal is not everything. What matter the most is your self improvement during the competition. I feel that I become closer to Allah, grow to be more mature and wiser, and get to know soooo many wonderful people from all over Indonesia. Those are more precious than merely a medal.

This blog is mostly about my olympiad journey, my views or opinion about something, my experience about travelling somewhere, some scienceΒ stuff, or simply a result of my contemplation about everything that is happening around me.

Feel free to contact me from Facebook, ask.fm, or send me emails to coretansalsa@gmail.com

I love making friends! Although in real life I can be a bit awkward and antisocial but … I’ll try my best nonetheless! Hehe.

Thank you for visiting this blog! Kindly put your thoughts on the comment section in every post I made, I’d like to hear them πŸ˜€


56 thoughts on “About

  1. Iiiii……lucu banget dech kamu Salsa. Wajahmu cantik banget. Waw…kamu pasti sudah pakai jilbab nich! dari kecil. That’s right? ^_^

  2. sama kak, aku juga dari kecil .. malah dari bayi udah pakai jilbab

  3. Kak Salsa imuutt banget, deh.Hehehe… kalo Kiki, ma, waktu TK, pake jilbabnya pas sekolah doang, (ngamuk – ngamuk nggak mau pake jilbab, tuh!)Ah, itu pas TK A (Kiki langsung TK A, lho!)Pas TK B, Kiki perginya kadang pake jilbab kadang nggak. Pas kelas 1 SD, Kiki perginya pake jilbab tiap hari tapi keluar rumahkadan – kadang.Pas akhir kelas satu, Kiki tiap hari keluar rumah pake jilbab kecuali di dalam rumah( Ya iyalah!).Sekrang, Kiki udah mau naik ke kelas tiga SD….

    • Wah, makasih banget sayang… Hehe. Hihi… enggak apa2 dong. Kan proses πŸ˜€ Alhamdulillah… bagus banget loh, perkembangan Kiki. Kalo udah baligh usahakan pakai terus ya sayaang ^^ Kalo ga salah dulu kakak juga langsung TK A. Nggak pake playgroup ^^v *tos!*

  4. wahh…kalo aku mah sih kelas 2 baru pake tapi kalo keluar rumah pake donk klo didalem nggak ..hihi..sekarang aku duduk di kelas 5 nih kak….kakak kelas berapa???
    maaf aku nggak biasa comment nih ,oya,kak jangan lupa dibalas ya…

  5. firzannida

    sekarang kak salsa umur berapa ??

  6. aku udh baca buku kmu yg SOHIB NEVER DIES bgs lho..

  7. Buku kakak yg Sohib Never Dies bagus lho! ^^

  8. waaahh kamu kereen πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    adekku suka baca buku itu lhooh hehe

  9. alhamdulillah umi, muka ku juga ada di vixora wkwk… kalo km mau ngabisin 3 tahun di sma, ntar ghaitsa temenin deeh hehe πŸ˜€

  10. saya sangat kagum dgn semua prestasimu Salsa, tingkatkan trs ya biar nanti jadi manusia yang berguna bagi semua orang di sekitarmu.. wassalam

  11. Hai Salsa, Semangat belajarnya yaaa πŸ˜‰ taun depan kan mau kelas 9 ;D

  12. Sukses teruus ya, Salsa… πŸ˜€

  13. Hai Kak Salsa, namaku Aisha. Hyebaby itu cuma pen name wkwkwk…
    Oh iya, aku suka loh sama buku-buku kakak, teritama Adventure Day dan La Tahzan Nina.

    Kakak keren sekali karangannya, sukses dan semangat ya kak, doain aku juga biar jadi kayak kakak hohoho πŸ™‚

    • Hai Aisha, salam kenal yaaa πŸ™‚ Wiii Alhamdulillah, makasih banyak. Semoga bermanfaat. Hehehe belakangan aku belum ngeluarin buku lagi sih … sedih 😦 Doakan semoga segera ya! Kita sama-sama semangat πŸ˜‰

  14. Hai Salsaa==
    Semangatin aku dong lagi camp nih!

  15. Salsa,,, Kamu Keren! Keep Istiqomah!

  16. salsa ❀ Kagum denganmu ❀

  17. Halo, Salsa! Aku Ziehah. Salam kenal yaa.. ^^
    Aku kagum banget sama kamu. Keren! Rasanya, Aku pingin banget selalu ketemu sama orang yang keren banget kayak kamu. Lumayan jadi moodbooster-ku. πŸ˜€
    Takjub juga dengan skenario Allah yang keren banget itu ada di kehidupan si Salsa kece ini. Alhamdulillah. You’re my inspiration! Thanks yaa. ^^

    • Hai Kak Ziehah, salam kenal juga πŸ™‚ Waaah aku juga masih banyak kekurangan kok. Kita sama-sama berusaha untuk jadi lebih baik yaa kak. Aamiin semoga kita bisa ketemu lagi!

      Yap, skenario Allah memang selalu yang terbaik πŸ˜€

  18. Melvanda Gisela Putri

    Hai Salsa :). Salam kenal ya, namaku Melvanda. Aku seneng banget baca tulisan-tulisan kamu… Jadi terinspirasi deh… Hehe. Aku juga ikut OSN d Padang, tapi baru dapet medali perunggu, alhamdulilah. Setelah baca tulisan kamu, aku jdi lbh semangat untuk berlomba-lomba dalam kebaikan :D.

    • Hai Melvanda! Waaah iya? Harusnya kita sempet papasan gitu kali yaaa? hehe. Makasih udah baca tulisanku πŸ™‚ Aku pasti senang kalau bisa kenal kamu lebih dekaaat πŸ˜‰ Ada sosmed? πŸ˜€

  19. Hai Kakak Salsa.. Aku Irma πŸ™‚ salam kenal yaa
    Kakak ,, tgl 17 april 2015 nanti aku bakalan ikt osn Provinsi Ipa, lho.. hehehe
    Minta doanya ya kak ..
    Kak, minta dukungan n’ bimbingannya juga dong,,, biar bisa menangin osn Ipa tahun ini πŸ˜‰
    Makasih Kakakk :*

  20. Ahmad Ali Salahudin

    Halooo Kak Salsabila! Salam kenal ya kak hehehe πŸ˜€ Jujur sumvah aku takjub banget ama kakak. Uda pinter nulis , pinter bio-fis , terus banyak pula fans-nya. Speechless jadinya :> Kak , resepnya lolos osn ampe menyambet medali gold gimana sih? Sharing2 ya qaqa hihihi . Aku mau ikutan kan di palu soalnya . Tysm.

    • Halooo mmm aku bisa panggil kamu siapa yaa? Wah, selamat lolos ke osn! Perjuangan masih panjang πŸ™‚ Btw aku nggak pinter fisika sama sekali 😦 Biologi pun masih… apalah:( Tapi terus semangat untuk jadi lebih baik dong ya πŸ˜‰ Nah. Yang terakhir itu perlu sekali diragukan kebenarannya … hehe.

      Resepnya? Aku nggak bisa bicara banyak, terutama OSN kali ini yang digabung fis dan bio, aku sama sekali ga kebayang apa aja tantangan yang kalian hadapi. Berusaha aja yang terbaik yang kamu bisa, hasil yang terbaik juga akan mengikuti.

      Kamu semangaaaat pokoknya!!! Kita sama-sama berjuang walau beda tempat ya ^___^

  21. Kakak Salsa,, ini aku lagi. hehehe πŸ˜€
    Alhamdulillah aku lolos buat osn Nasional di Palu. πŸ™‚ (Makasih ya buat dukungannya)
    Oyah,, kakak punya socmed, bbm, atw apapun deh biar nnti aku bsa nanya-nanya ke kakak
    Proud of you, kak. mohon bimbingannya ya πŸ˜‰ tpi, kakak mau kan nge-bimbing aku?? πŸ˜€ pliss.. mau ya!

    • Hai Irma. Alhamdulillah, ikut senang mendengarnya πŸ™‚ kalau line gimana? Idku salsaroihanah. Atau message ke facebook juga bisa. Waaah kalau fisika aku kayaknya nggak bisa ngebimbing πŸ˜€ kalau biologi bakal kubantu sebisaku in syaa Allah.

      • alhamdulillah,, makasih byk kakak πŸ˜€ Kakak cantik deh πŸ˜‰ hehehe
        Kalo misalnya ad soal Biologi yg susah nnti aku nanya ke kakak ya . Oya, nma fbnya kakak ap?
        Thanks a lot Kakak ^-^

  22. Assalamualaikum salsa^^
    Salam kenal ya, namaku nadia
    Haha… gak nyangka ya kalo kita seukuran..
    Beneran loh sal, aku kagum banget sama kamu^^
    Pengen deh bisa ketemu terus ngobrol. Menurutku kamu orangnya asyik, tp sayang aku di kendari tp kamu di malang 😦
    Oh iya, aku juga punya cerita loh tp belum tamat sampe sekarang. Lagi stuck parah πŸ˜€ gak pede juga buat dibaca orang lain…
    Btw, gimana UN nya? Semoga hasilnya memuaskan ya? Amin… aku jg lagi tegang nih nunggu pengumuman 😦

    • Eh maksud aku bukan seukuran tp seumuran πŸ˜€ sorry ya typo^^

    • Wa’alaikum salam. Bisa ngobrol lewat sosial media kok kita… tenang saja πŸ™‚ Hehe … Nadia juga orangnya kelihatan asyik!
      Ayooo dilanjutkan. Banyak-banyak baca buku untuk menambah inspirasi. Semangat!
      Iya nih. Aamiin, semoga masuk SMA yang diinginkan ya!

      • Iya salsa^^ kamu juga semoga bisa masuk di SMA yang diinginkan ya O:) oh iya, kamu punya sosmed apa aja? biar kita bisa ngobrol-ngobrol^^

      • Hm… facebook? Seperti nama lengkapku. Line/twitter/instagram: salsaroihanah. Alhamdulillah, aku udah fix masuk SMA Semesta ^_^

  23. Ida Mahvitasari

    Assalammualaikum kak Salsa..
    Wahh kak Salsa hebat bisa dapat gold medal.Semangat dan Sukses kak.Kalau aku sih hanya sampai Palu Saja,tapi udah bersyukur banget karena motivasi dari status kak Salsa di Facebook.Thanks πŸ™‚

  24. bunga gustikasari

    assalamu’alaikum kak.
    kkak belajar bahasa inggrisnya smpai lancar gitu berapa lama? trus, belajarnya gimana? hehehe

    • Wa’alaikum salam. Huhu, sebenernya Bahasa Inggrisku belum begitu lancar kok, apalagi speaking. Hm, aku memang suka membaca dan menonton video-video bermanfaat dalam Bahasa Inggris sih. Lalu juga di sekolahku buku pelajaran Bahasa Inggrisnya bermanfaat banget. Masih sama-sama belajar kok kita ^_^

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