The Perks of Being An Enterpreneur’s Daughter

The school examination is on Monday until Saturday next week. But, my parents have always said to me with complete understanding, “Your ideas always come up when you are going to have examination.” I can’t bear it to not write down the ideas that are jumping around inside my head. My fingers are forcing themselves to dance on my laptop’s keyboard. And, here it is. Instead of reviewing three years lessons, I spent my weekend to play with words.

As parents, I can say that my Umi and Abi have done a great job! How can I say that? Well, because… I often share stories with my friends. We tell each other about our family. I hear many types of parents who are my friend’s. And at the end, they say; “You’re so lucky. When I am grown up, I want to be a parent just like yours. I don’t want to take care of my future children like my mom and dad did. Definitely no.”

I am grown up in a very small family. There are just my parents and I. Yes, I am the only child in my family. We live in a not-so-big but comfortable house in Malang, East Java. My parents are enterpreneurs. They build their own company since they are married, from zero. They make a special kind of cookies named Cumcum Salsa. It is a cone-like cookies filled with sweet cream and a colourful chocolate chip on the top of it. They make several other pastry too.

Delicious Cumcum Salsa!

Delicious Cumcum Salsa!

Kue Lapis Umi

Chocolate Fudge Cookies with many flavours.

Chocolate Fudge Cookies with many flavours.

There are some workers who are paid by my parents to make our cookies. Yes, our home is also a factory. There is a space at the back side of the house, which are full of machines and cooking tools. Sometimes, they meet a decent worker. More often, they get some workers who are not too hard working and patient. At another chance, there are mediocre worker who like to be absent from work for so many times. My parents have to be ready to listen to our workers’ personal life problem. They must be ready to help them too. Giving some advice or lending some money, for example.

Listening their stories about those workers have opened my eyes about adults working atmosphere. I understand many kind of people’s personalities through their stories too. Several times, I got a chance to help my parents preparing our workers’ salary. I have so much money in my hand, but I have to put it inside an envelope and give it to somebody else… hehe.

Being enterpreneurs and doing their jobs from our lovely home, I can spend so many time with them everyday. They are rarely away. If they go outside the town, they’ll ask me to come with them. That’s why I have all day to talk to them, ask questions, tell stories, ask for help and advice when I need them, or just simply hug them and have fun together. I am feeling like all their time is dedicated for me. Even now, when I am several hundreds kilometer seperated from them because I go to a boarding school, they are always available to call me. Having phone call with them for thirty minutes is usual for me. When they are very busy and can’t make a call, they say sorry to me for sooooo many times. They regret it very much.

I can say that I know every detail about my parents’ work. I know how to make our special cookies Cumcum Salsa, eventhough I haven’t remembered the exact measurement of all the ingredients yet.

One of the steps in making Cumcum Salsa.

One of the steps in making Cumcum Salsa.

I know for sure how it is like to be an enterpreneur. You don’t have a fix salary every month, neither you know how much money you’ll get because there are no exact guarantee on how much our cookies will be sold. During the time of Idul Fitri, for example. Everyone seems to buy many cookies to be served at their house. Those times, they work really hard to fulfill store’s order, therefore they’ll get much money. But there are times when only a little of our cookies are sold. They will say to me, in a friendly and open way, that there are not much left in their pocket, so we need to not spending too much money.

As I get older, I understand that being honest like that is not an easy thing to do. Every parent wants to make their children’s wish come true. And it breaks their heart to pieces when they are not able to do that. My parents said to me, “I am so grateful for having a daughter like you. You are so understanding and mature when it comes to …. everything.”

Honestly, I am not feeling unhappy nor disappointed when I can’t get what I want if my parents don’t have money. I know how hard they have been working. And I know the reality that sometimes things don’t go as they have been predicted. They usually make a promise, that someday they’ll buy those things for me and I just need to be patient. And for this fifteen years I live, there is no promise they’ve ever failed to keep.

Those circumstances support me to earn money by myself. Alhamdulillah, I’ve done it since in elementary school. I wrote books, and its royalty was pretty amazing. I joined olympiads, and its prizes were more than enough. Every cent that I get always goes to my parents’ pocket. I believe in them to take care of it. I am able to achieve all of it because of them. So, I have no reason to think that money is merely mine. Its ours πŸ™‚

In spite of many challanges that an enterpreneur is going to face, I know that it suits me well. I can arrange my own working schedule, without anybody tells me what to do. I can try new things and be innovative without boundary. I can be myself completely. So, I am telling myself, that whatever I will be in the future, I will still be an enterpreneur. I even started it from elementary school! I sold some cute stationaries to my school mates. In junior high school, I sell credits to my friends. I also bring some of our cookies to school. My friends have always been my loyal costumers πŸ˜€ Thank you, guys!

With my parents, I’ve travelled several towns in order to sell our cookies to stores. Now, we are travelling by car. But, sometimes ago, when I was still in elementary school, my parents weren’t able to buy a car. We only had two motorcycles. Because it was impossible for my mother to ride a motorcycle full of packages of cookies, it was my father who went to stores by stores in motorcycle. My father ever told me about what happened during rainy season. He rode the motorcycle across the street full of water. He wore that kind of jacket and trousers which were water resist, but the water kept coming from my father’s helmet, made all his clothes wet. And all of his sacrifices were for sending thirty six jars of Cumcum Salsa to some stores in downtown Malang.

We once stayed in Kediri and built a rather big factory there, factory of Cumcum Salsa. But, because one and other reasons, bussiness wasn’t good anymore. We moved to Malang, and started new life there. From them, I learn that people might bring us down. They might do harm to us. They might deceive us, cheat us, or simply not keep their promise. Those problems are much more complicated when it is related to money and bussiness dealings. I have to face the real world, and that’s the truth.

I remember the early days of our life in Malang. Just imagine, we had to start the factory from zero again. We were in absolute crisis. My parents said that we had very limited income at that time, so we couldn’t buy many things. But, for me, my life was always fine. I could always sleep on a comfortable bed in a safe building. I never compared things I have with my friends’ things. I enjoyed my life and every blessings that Allah gave us. Alhamdulillah, I am feeling so grateful with my life until this very day.

Those memories are still in my mind. They are in middle forties now. They have faced many things. I can see their hair turning white. My stomach feels as if there are butterflies flying inside it whenever I hold my parents’ hand. I love them. Because of Allah. Because of everything they have done that I can’t ever repay.

I am still fifteen, but I want to send this message to the world. We may not know how many sleepless night our parents have gone through, for the sake of things we want them to buy. We may not know how tired they are when they are back from work, and still hear our endless complaint about uncountable things. We may not know how they mention our name in every prayer, asking Allah for guiding every step of our life. We may not know how deep their love is for their children.

But … lets get to know what they are facing everyday. Get to know what they are really doing during work, so we can hold ourselves to ask for something when we have almost everything. Let them know that inside the house, we are always waiting them go back from work with smiling faces. Let them know that school they are paying for us has turned us into educated children. Let them drink a cup of hot tea, made specially by us to let them relaxed after a tough day at work.

Even if they are away, working in other continent, for example. Allah always hears our prayer. He has the strongest wifi to connect people all over the world.


From heart to heart.


Thank you for reading this post πŸ™‚ I want to improve my writing in English. I wish to receive critics and suggestions, so I’ll be better next time.

Once again, thank you!

10 thoughts on “The Perks of Being An Enterpreneur’s Daughter

  1. Salsaaaa, suka bacanyaaa ^^ hahaha dan aku belum bisa mengoreksi soalnya masih belajar juga. Ini salsa keren bisa nulis gini, gimana nih? πŸ˜€

  2. Artikelnya keren banget mbak salsa. Semoga tetap istiqomah ya dalam menulis.. πŸ˜€

  3. Assalamualaikum, salsa.
    Subhanallah, kamu memang pelajar muslim yang luar biasa. Terus berkarya dan jadikan orang-orang disekitar kamu menjadi seperti dirimu πŸ™‚

  4. Assalamualaikum salsa^^
    Salam kenal ya^^
    Kamu emangnya kelas berapa sih? Kata-kata kamu memotivasi banget πŸ™‚

  5. Renanthera Rahmadwiningtyas

    keren banget, kak! maknanya mendalam… :”) (baru baca ceritanya)
    by the way kak, ini boleh kujadikan bahan buat tugas sekolah, kan? :)))

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