Being the Very Best Version of Senior

Assalamu’alaikum 🙂

It’s been a while after my last post, and I was really surprised knowing the reader’s response about my blog. Some of you are really asking me ‘when is the next post?’ ‘i’m waiting for the next post!’ and much more. Really, it means a lot to me and it supports me even more to work on my next post 😀 Jazakumullah khoiron katsiiron!

And I decided to write this post in English. Why did I do so? Well, I think that is because I missed so many English classes lately, and I kind of miss the atmosphere there. I miss having a conversation in English, I miss writing in English, I miss all of if. So here you are!

This post is about school. Well the fact is now that I’m on holiday, I am doing this kind of ‘flashback’ about this school year! This school year is officially end everybody! Wuhuuuuuu!

Yea, this school year has ended, but another school year is coming! And after that, another one is coming, another follows after another. Then we will reach a point when we have to earn money of our own; working. Life goes really fast, right? As the year goes by, I climb the education ladder, and become more ‘senior’ each year. Last year I was a seventh grader, this year I am in eighth grade, and soon I will be a ninth grader. From the most junior to the most senior. Youngest to oldest. This is what I am going to talk about. A relationship between junior and senior.

I adore my seniors so much, I mean the whole 9B class. When I was in seventh grade, (they were 8B) they really acted like a big sister for us. And they still act like one the next year. They are fun to share stories with. They aren’t spontaneously judging us when we do something strange, or even forbidden. They give us a good example of how a student should be, by their remarkable marks at school, nice attitude in class, and a strong sisterhood that makes them really solid. No wonder that they receive many compliments from the teacher.

Because we live in a dormitory, we got to know each other pretty fast. Living your 24 hours with your friends and far away from your parents aren’t easy to do. It’s tough. But because they are really friendly, I made it in my first year. They become my role model of how a senior should act to her junior.

And then… my turn as a senior came. Being an eighth grader has left such a great impression on me. You aren’t the most junior class anymore in the entire school. You have someone that is younger than you so that they call you ‘kakak’. All of responsibilities in the school organisation are all yours. The ninth graders lower their ‘senior’ attitude, because they are more focus on exam and decide not to make any problems. Well … we practically rule.

In Indonesia, the word ‘senioritas’ often comes up when we talk about a junior-senior realtionship. Of course I want to be just like my role model. But it turned out not to be as easy as I imagine. I was too proud having this ‘senior power’. Alhamdulillah, (as far as I observed) I could still control it. But I didn’t think all of my friends can do so. I even think that maybe sometimes I use that ‘senior power’ unwisely too.

Wait, wait.

What is a ‘senior power’?

That is a term that I made. It is an unwritten privilege that senior has upon their junior in Indonesia. Some of the privileges are:

1) The senior may embarrass the new student (which means their junior) during the student orientation programme or MOS by giving them many nonsense tasks.

2) The senior may call every junior to meet them, and it has to be the junior who comes to the senior. (just like a king orders his servant to call a man, and the man comes to the king’s castle. wait, the man should kneels in front of the king too)

3) The senior may demand to be greeted by the junior whenever the junior sees them. And the senior may demand a good smile from their junior’s cute faces.

4) The senior has to be called ‘Kakak’. If the junior calls them without that title, the junior will die soon. (okey, this is not true)

5) The senior may judge a junior that (according to them) is classified into ‘a troublemaker’. This judging is usually done by a large group of senior meet up with a smaller group of junior. Sometimes ten versus two people. Sometimes five versus one. We call it ‘melabrak’.

My opinion? Oh come on, that senior power doesn’t really exist. Everything that once we know as a privilege of being a senior is actually another responsibility.

With great power comes great responsibility.

To be honest, I may be not a goddess senior at all. I hurt my junior, I hurt many other people too. I make many mistakes. But, there is always a chance to fix something broken, right? I believe that we can always change ourselves to a better person. I believe that deep down in our heart, we want a life without a fight, full of peace and smiles. Maybe we can’t stop war in the Middle East soon. But we can always try to be the best version of ourselves everyday. A version that always avoids conflicts and dramas and do the very best of us to lighten other people’s burden.

Surrounded by friends that understand each other is a special gift that I am always grateful for 🙂

A simple example? Try to be a nice senior, so our life as senior and our junior’s life are way much better 🙂 And how is that? How can we be one? Here are some things that (hopefully) can help us to be the best version of senior everyday:

1)The Student Orientation Programme to encourage new students reach their dreams

Everybody demands an achievement. It can be a trophy of cooking competition or a medal from a science olympiad. We can introduce how our school facilitate their students in many after school programmes. We can show them the previous achievement reached by the seniors, so hopefully they have a spirit to follow the good track.

I don’t know why in Indonesia new students have to be embarrassed like that. Wearing odd outfit, painting their face, being punished for a nonsense reason, and much more. I don’t see how those things can help us being a succesful person in the future. And that doesn’t make any easier for us to pass the national examination or get into university or get a good job. There is zero possitive side.

2)Respect is gained not given

Well, this is not completely true. We have to respect older people for sure. But as we get old, we are responsible to give a good example for the younger ones. Get a good score, show your junior how determined you are in your clubs, respect the teacher, and slowly but sure the junior will try to be just like you and respect you by all their heart.

3)Smile First, Greet First

I know, I feel it. As a senior, I want to know my junior better. I want them to know that I exist. Simply, I want to be friends with them. Well, the whole ‘gengsi’ makes it sounds strange to greet the junior first. But, try it sometimes. Smile first, greet first. You won’t get any harm from being nice.

4)Who are you to judge?

Age doesn’t define how mature you are when you are dealing with things. Yes, the older someone the more experience he got, but … there are many younger people whose mindset has grown up. Why not considering their suggestion during an organisation meeting? Why not lowering our ego as the older ones and sometimes admit that we make mistakes too?

Who are you to judge a junior? Feeling angelic so you are always right? We have to remind each other to prevent doing bad things, that’s true. But the way we tell the junior! I believe that practice plays more role than theories. Instead of bullying somebody, we need to be the best version of ourselves. They’ll see us as someone they should be. Got a really stubborn junior that make a real huge problem? Give him advice in a sufficient portion. Not too much. Because if it is a real problem, we have teachers or really mature people to handle that situation. It will be much better.

5)As if you were them

Imagine that you are in the junior’s position. You felt that too when you were still junior, didn’t you? Don’t make your junior demands a revenge. A revenge that will be directed to the future new students. It will be a continuous circle of tyrant.

6)You need it then go for it

This is a ground rule for everybody, in every age. If you need something from somebody, then go ask that person properly. You aren’t the junior’s mother. We have no right to give them order to meet us whenever we want.


Huwaaa I’m so excited to be in ninth grade! New challenge will come, and many burdens will be put on my shoulder, and a lot of exams are waiting! Oh wow. I think I’m going to make the next school year the best as possible. It is my last year as a junior high school student. It is time for me and my fellow classmate to leave a good impression. I promise I will learn to be a better senior and even a better person. Of course, this process of learning will never end. Because, you know …

Life is a series of learning



Hugs ❤



Wassalamu’alaikum 😉

9 thoughts on “Being the Very Best Version of Senior

  1. Khairunisa Rahma

    Membantu sekali nih kak :********

  2. Terima kasih, saya jadi dapat ide untuk “MOS”nya..

  3. “But, there is always a chance to fix something broken, right?” 🙂

  4. Abdillah Ahmad

    Your English is pretty good 🙂 It’s definitely better than most Indonesians 🙂
    Keep on writing!

    • Thanks so much 😄. I appreciate that. I wrote this blogpost approximately one year ago and I haven’t written any blogpost in English for a while. Your comment makes me want to start writing in English again 😊. Once again, thank you!! ☺

  5. Your English is pretty good 🙂 Definitely better than most Indonesians!
    Keep on writing! 🙂

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